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Cobalt hybrid framework : the best of both world !

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Welcome to Cobalt !

Cobalt is a web and native framework to create mobile applications that can mix web technologies and native technologies.

It provides :

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HTML5 versus Native apps : why choosing? use both !

The goal of the project is to ease the development of hybrid mobile apps, and avoid choosing between native and web : you can just use both and take advantage of the best of each world.

Cobalt is not PhoneGap / Cordova

Cordova aims to bring native API access to javascript, and let you create the whole app with HTML5.

We think that HTML5 is not ready yet : It is hard to create ultra smooth transitions between pages (old devices), touch events are slow as hell, scrolling can be hard if you have a static header/footer, etc

We propose a navigation system between web pages, some cool native components to play with and a solid communication system to let you do native things your way.

Cobalt use native components where HTML5 fails.

features and platforms

Cobalt is ready for iOs, Android, BlackBerry 10, Tizen, and soon Windows Phone

Current Features are :

All the details are in the github feature list and on the roadmap

they use Cobalt !

HelloCoton, CodeDArmor, BFMTV, BFM Business, RMC, RMC Sport, 01net, you !

Who are the Cobaltians ?

We are french frogs from brittany, who love to create great native apps, use html5 and mix the both. The Cobalt idea came with some app developped at Haploid.

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